We are Wood

  It was playing "different names for the same thing" by Death Cab for Cutie...there is this background sound of some burning woods in a fireplace and we can hear it crackling while and throughout the song. And then...you called me on cell phone.
These times have told me that this is the end of the ages....Not because some prophecy, but because I feel that day by day. I Look up the moon and it seems so tired. It looks me back and I know...this is the end of the world. Maybe not the end of the earth...but, the end of the world, the end of this time. I hope this is the end of the waiting time, because I miss home and I want to be with you.
So, every time I feel like I´m nude...and every time I feel like the end of the world is near... All I want to do is to be with you...huging you with inocence, embracing life between us... like we could be this way forever.

  Maybe this is the end of our waiting. Maybe this is the last good bye specially because we´re
gonna be closer and closer...at last, together. Then I pick up the phone and you ask if I´m here. 
I don't know about everything else, but I can tell you one thing, I'll always be here. Then... "Yes", I respond: "I'm here..". And it may seems that is so simple to make you sure that I'm here, but you can prove it with your heart. I'm strongly near...here, next you, such closer as your own breath.
Yes, there are times when we can be content with our silence....anyway, some how I know you are there too...some where, just waiting for the next word. So this is the next word: Us.

  The stars began to fall like a dream which is being awaked. But the truth is that everything we live is so real, more real than never before. I know these are hard times, for me and for you...'cause you know: " when things go wrong with you, it hurts me too...". And distance just make it worse, but...We both know, we both feel: The more there are real distance between us, more we get closer. There is life between us, just waiting to born. There is night between us, just waitng for the sun. There is future between us, just waiting for the present. Finally, there is fire between us, just waitin for the wood...we are wood.


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